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Previous Meeting Minutes

PTO / Community Council Minutes

April 9, 2020


Members Attending: Kyla Topham, Lizz Totten, Sherri Rybkiewicz, Edyth Lang, Norma Gubler, Chris Snodgress, Stephanie Bonner, and Becky Barker.


Review Minutes & Motion to Approve: Lizz made a motion to approve the minutes of our last meeting. Edyth seconded the motion.


  1. Art Exhibit and Student Reception: Changes
  2. Rotary Club art supplies for summer- Has this been finalized?
  3. How can the PTO support the faculty right now?
  4. Facebook Page. What sort of messaging can go out on the to keep a positive outlook and provide parents the support they need during these difficult times?
  5. School Land Trust Plan: Due March 27th:
  • Turned in on time. Thanks.
  • Not as much money as I expected.


  1. Arbor Day Talent Show April 24th: 
  • Charlie requested finding a new Master of Ceremonies for the Talent Show. It was suggested to call Mavis Madsen.  Norma will take the responsibility of lining up music for the numbers.  More details will be sent out.


  1. Spring Book Drive for the end of year book giveaway:
  • Lizz Totten will contact the Rotary Club to see if they plan to put out bins or if we need to advertise and put out bins this year like we did last year. 
  • It was suggested that instead of collecting books, we ask for donation of cash to purchase new books selected by each student through Scholastic.
  • Kyla will contact Karen Topham from Rally Stop. She was interested in donating cash for T-Shirts.  Maybe she would be interested in the Book Drive or Year Book.
  • It was also suggested that the 5th grade students generate a student survey to see what activities are best enjoyed by the students.


  1. Kindergarten March Roundup:
  • Spreading the word is the most effective advertising for our school.
  • Kindergarten Orientation will be rescheduled.
  • To date we know of 8 Kindergarteners.


  1. Motion to Dismiss: Lizz made a motion to approve the minutes of our last meeting. Norma seconded the motion.


Next Meeting: May 14

Springdale is a great school!