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Previous Meeting Minutes

PTO / Community Council Minutes

March 4, 2019

Members Attending: Charlie Bird, Lizz Totten, Edyth Lang, Chris Snodgress, Liz Valle, Amy Fagergren, and Becky Barker.

Review Minutes & Motion to Approve:  Charlie made a motion to approve the minutes of our last meeting.  Lizz seconded the motion.

  1. Art: Charlie
  • Roden Cord Update: He makes students work in a positive way.  He works very well with frustrated students.  He is learning how to with the different age levels.
  • Shoe Boxes with supplies for each student will be provided by Chris. The idea being that students need to be responsible for keeping their watercolors and paint brushes in good condition.  The PTO will help put the boxes together.

  1. Family Night: March 21st 6:00: Chris
  • PTO Presentation: Liz needs a list to put on a board.  Will give her a board
  • Dinner: Pizza, salad, and a cookie.
  • Wax Museum: One classroom will host 3rd thru 5th and another classroom K-2.
  • Science Fair: There are now two different categories to choose from:  Science Experiment and Engineering. There will be (3) winners from each category.  K-1 students will now be judged together; 2-3 and 4-5 will also be judged together.  School Science Fair will be held on April 18th.  The District Science Fair will be May 14th.  Rules, tips, boards and Student/Parent packets will be sent home during Family Night.

  1. Partnership with the County Library:  Liz will communicate with Suzanne Elger.
  • Suzanne is willing to tutoring 5 students four days a week throughout the summer.
  • She is looking for a way to combine the library summer reading program with the school. The THEME is SPACE: Recognizing the 50 year anniversary for landing on the moon.

  1. 2019-20 School Land Trust Plan: Chris
  • Next year’s plan is due March 28th. We discussed a couple of the needs of our school for next year.
  1. We would like to hire a new half time teaching assistant to work with At-Risk readers. Amy Fagergren has done this position for the last three years.  She has done a wonderful job! We all let her know how much she will be missed.

At this time a new grant is being written for the state.  We will not know if we can apply for another AmeriCorps member until fall.  The match is about $4000 to be paid by the school.  The member would receive about $700 a month and a $2500 educational stipend that can be used at any college in the nation.

  1. There is a great need to replace our Take Home Library. Many of the books are worn and very outdated.

It was proposed to use our $7,000 of the School Land Trust to replace our Take Home Library.  IF funding is provided and IF we could find someone who would be interested in the AmeriCorps Program, then an amendment would be made in the fall to hire an At-Risk interventionist and the balance of the money would be used to purchase leveled books to replace half of the Take Home Library.

Liz made a motion to approve the plan.  Edy seconded the motion.

  • An email will be sent to all members of the Community Council to type their electronic signature and check the if they participated in the decision of how to use our School Land Trust funding.

  1. Student Art Reception: Charlie

It will be held on May 7 from 6:00 to 7:00 at the Community Center.  The following assignments were reviewed:

  • The Community Center has been reserved from 5:00 to 9:00. Setup can begin at 2:00 on the April 29th or 30th.
  • We would like a committee chair to work on getting local restaurants to donate hors d’oeuvres.  Let’s do our best to spread our wings on this one and try not to ask for donations (appetizers) from Deep Creek, Pizza and Noodle and Kings Landing on this one.  Mimi’s, Sol Foods, Café Sola, Jacks, Rositias,
    1. Charlie will call Sol Food & Meme’s Cafe
    2. Becky will talk to Jacks
    3. Liz will talk to Café Sola and Jacks
    4. Whiptail & Thai Sopa & Rosita’s still need to be contacted
  • PTO will provide the drinks. Chris will set up and decorate the tables for the food.
  • The school now has a mat cutter and shrink wrap to protect pictures. They were donated by the ART Dept at the District.

  1. End of the Year Program: May 15th 6:00 Community Center

  1. Book Drive:
  • Collect book during the month of April. Send home in May before school is out.
  • Collect a list of wants or lists.
  • Need higher quality of GOOD READS for 3-5.
  • Books we will not use need to go to the DI.

Next Meeting:  Monday, April 1st  at 3:30.  New parents would like to join if Monday could be changed.  It was decided that there really is not another night that it could be changed to.

Springdale is a great school!