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Previous Meeting Minutes

PTO / Community Council Agenda

Sept. 12, 2019

Members Attending: Charlie Bird, Lizz Totten, Edyth Lang, Chris Snodgress, Liz Valle, Norma Gubler, Kyla Topham, and Becky Barker.

Review Minutes & Motion to Approve:  No motion was made.  The minutes last month will be sent out with the minutes from this meeting.

  1. Art Auction for Education- Saturday, October 5.
    • Live Auction from 3:00 till 5:00.
    • Do we want to host a fundraiser during the auction?  One idea was to print note cards from the student’s end of year art show from last year and sell them.  Any thoughts? Vista Print gave us a good bid. Cost $0.85 per print.  Sell for $10.00 for a 5-packs (5 X 4) and make $1.25.
    • Have parents sign a permission to print art at the beginning of the year each year. Send home permission note tomorrow.  Those not sold can be sold at another event.
    • Edy will compose the letter. Lizz will give the thumb drive to Charlie to identify the artist before printing.
    • Will display T-shirts for sale at the Art Auction.
    • Becky will prepare a song for the students to perform.
    • Chris will hang framed art of students around the event.
    • Two or Three Volunteers from the PTO will be needed.
    • Chris will let them know that there will be NO food this year only drinks. Ask for the set up time.  PTO will ask for pop donations to sell at the Art Auction and Halloween.  Lizz will ask businesses for pop donations.
  1. Discuss PTO Questionnaire results. 30 Parents Responded.
  • No one volunteered to be on the PTO board.
  • No one volunteered to chair any events this year.
  • Some offered to help with the events.
  • Thursdays was selected to hold PTO Meetings
  1. Halloween Carnival- October 31  We need someone to chair this event and coordinate volunteers, and obtain permit for sign and coordinate the community center.  We should discuss ideas for games and set times for set-up and clean-up.
  • Chris will put Volunteer Sign up on BLOOMZ.
  • Lizz will Talk to the City about the permit and sign.
  • The event was discussed at the Lions Club. Volunteers will help again.
  • Chris will ask older students to come back to help with the games. (This could be used for National Honor Society, YW, Stirling Scholar.). Talk to Marie O’Neal.
  • Soup and salad will be provided by parent volunteers. Soup on sale at Lins.
  • Will ask them to clean the building before and after the event.
  • Set-up and Clean-up Dates: Tuesday, 20th set up.  Friday Clean up Friday, Nov 1st.
  • Games: Witches Kitchen, Cake Walk (Mavis), Dart Board at Pumpkin Board, Nerf guns.  Pinko Board from the Library,  Lifesize-Operations game maybe from Lizz.  Need a TV box.
  • Talk to Alli for table cloths and corn hole,
  • Prize Table and Tickets: Will need to order.
  1. Safety Fair- October 23.  Jen from the police dept. mentioned having some PTO support to lend a hand where needed.  Anyone available?
  • Need Volunteers to lend a hand to walk around with classes. (Charlie, Liz, Lizz, Kyla.)
  1. Family Nights this year.
    1. Will post dates for the three evenings ASAP:Sept 26th, Jan16th, March 26th
    2. Tami Curtis: Post information on BLOOMZ throughout the year.
    3. Wax Museum: “Empowering Leaders” ancestors or past leaders. Theme: “Looking Back to Look Forward”.
    4. Sept Family Night Food Pizza and Salad.
  2. Staffing: We are still in need of three para positions.
  3. The district has asked that all volunteers watch a training video. This includes members of the PTO.  See Jodi.  It takes only 15 minutes.
  4. Diane Anderson gave us some advice before she left for Arizona. “It is extremely important to always have a positive attitude inside and outside the school.”  If someone has a concern, encourage them to come and talk to Chris.
  5. 2018-2019 Assessment Data will be left at Jodi’s desk for PTO and Community Council members and parents to view about last year’s testing results. The data cannot leave the building.
  6. Other:
  • Recycling in Washington County has discontinued. It was suggested not to use plastic water containers for our events.  We will provide GOT coolers and paper cups for those who do not bring their water bottles with them.

Next Meeting: Oct. 10th

Springdale is a great school!