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Previous Meeting Minutes

PTO / Community Council Minutes

January 7, 2019

I        Members Attending: Charlie Bird, Lizz Totten, Amy Fagergren, Edyth Lang, Chris Snodgress, and Becky Barker.

II   Review Minutes & Motion to Approve:  Lizz Totten made a motion to approve the minutes of our last meeting.  Edyth Lang seconded the motion.

III Bond Election: Chris

Springdale voted for the bond. The bond will allow an expanded kitchen/lunchroom, replace sidewalks, update landscape, possible bathrooms, a safety entrance and a conference room.

IV Leader in Me:  Chris

Our trainer helped us re-focus our efforts on the seven habits. We are using different materials to reteach and reinforce the information. Spring reports on our effects will be shared in March.

V Christmas Program Reflection:  Edy and Becky

Parents were appreciative. Alumni kids were singing along in the audience. We still cannot hold a practice at the church but the parents did not seem to mind that there were certain stops and starts in the program. Kindergarten worked hard to be part of the program. All students stood the whole time. Perhaps we could always keep the overflow open. Could we keep the decorations up from other parties? Picking a night that doesn’t conflict usually is the most important issue concerning the event. Over 200 individuals attended. The Santa bags were phenomenal! Move Santa toward the front door. Students come down the hall and back into the gym doors. All our students should go first. Others should remain seated until the students have had a chance to visit with Santa. Better flow, less bags.

VI Family Night:  Edy

The menu will include soups rolls and cookies. Will heat soups in crockpots.

Presentations Offered:  InfiniD, Pear Deck, and ST Math.

Serving assistance might be needed from the PTO.  Chris will contact members of the PTO to inform them of their specific roles.

The next family night will be a Wax Museum and Science Fair workshop. March 7th  is scheduled for the next family event. It will include a dinner, Wax Museum of Famous Americans, and parent helps for the Science Fair.

PTO will sell shirts at the family night event. Teachers can hand out tickets at each of their rotations.

VII   Book Giveaway:  Lizz

Look to make sure there are enough books for two events. The first event will be Jan 16. The giveaway will happen at 12:30 so that music will not be affected. The PTO will sort books on Monday. The town will be willing to support the second giveaway.

VIII       End of Year Art Show:  Charlie

Royden Card will work with the students to develop a piece for an end of the year show. He will be expected to help them create a piece that will be reproduced as a fundraiser. Further discussions will be held after Jan 14 for budgets and materials. The community center will need to be scheduled.  Something close to the beginning of May.

IX PTO Volunteers and Board Members for Upcoming Years:  Charlie

We want to continue to be able to provide as well as we have in the past. The PTO want to send a letter encouraging parents to attend. Personal invitations might be used to encourage certain parents. PTO should be looking for people in the upcoming events.

X Yearbook:  Chris  Need funding for last year and future printing. 2017-18 was paid on the 18 of Nov.  The Lions Club may donate. The PTO might look for other donations. They will cover any outstanding costs

XI         Next PTO Meeting:  Our next meeting was scheduled for Feb.  4th at 3:30.

Springdale is a great school!