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Final Report from Previous Year

The 2015-16 action plan was implemented as follows: 1. Teachers participated in all PLCs as we learned how to implement student self-reporting in reading and math. The learning needs of students were discussed weekly as students were monitored using timed running records, retells, and timed sight words for reading. In math students were monitored by daily quizzes to identify students still needing interventions. 2. All teachers implemented PBL after developing units with a coach during the summer. 3. All students K-7 used chromebooks during PBL to assist in researching and reading about the content area. 4. All students were expected to read nightly. K and 1st grade used Waterford and Imagine Learning with fidelity. All teachers used chromebooks throughout the day to support reading, math and science.

Our Community Council approved  the purchase of 18 new chromebooks to support every student in the first and second grade.  To date, we now have a chromebook for each student 1st thru 5th grade.  We spend a total of $1.879.

The following measurements were analyzed by grade level. The Kindergarten Assessment Pre-test averaged 46%. By the end of the year the average was 92%. All but but two students were 94% or higher. One of the two students went from 6% to 54% by the end of the year. The other went from 1% to 98%. Kindergarten Running Records showed that overall all students made a year’s gain in reading. However, four students were still identified as reading below grade level. The remaining students were reading at or above grade level. As for the K DIBELS assessment, there was only one Kindergarten student that was identified as ‘Intensive’.

First Grade students showed an average of 1.93 (years) gain score. There were three 1st graders that were identified as reading below grade level using Running Records. As for DIBELS testing only one student was ‘strategic’.

In 2nd grade, the average gain score in years was 1.58 using Running Records. All students made at least 1 year of growth. Only one student was identified as reading below grade level. DIBELS data showed only one student as ‘Intensive’ and one as ‘Strategic’.

3rd grade students showed an average gain score of 1.58 (years) using Running Records. All students made a years growth or more. DIBELS testing showed one student as ‘Intensive’ and one as ‘Strategic’.

In the 4th grade, the average was 1.28 (years). All students made at least a year’s growth. DIBELS scores showed only one student as ‘Intensive’ and two as ‘Strategic’.

All students in the 5th grade were reading on or above grade level. The average gain score was at least 1.6. Some students could have been tested beyond an 8th grade level. However, the DIBELS showed two ‘Intensive’ and one ‘Strategic’. This was due to the timed element in DIBELS. These students needed to work on fluency. Running Records are not timed, therefore they tested higher.

Springdale is a great school!