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Agenda for Next Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings and minutes of each meeting are available to the public. 

Proposed Agenda Items for our Next Meeting

PTO Agenda

  1. Title 1 Plan Approval:
  • Review 2019-20 Schoolwide Plan.
  • There needs to be a motion to approve.
  • A form needs to be signed.
  1. Family Night Reflection:
  2. New School Activities:
    • November KUTV Challenge
    • Growing Caterpillar
  1. Auction Review:
    • Rotary Update- (Chris)
    • PTO Fundraiser- (Lizz)
  1. Halloween Carnival: (Charlie & Lizz)
    • Create timeline for remainder of month
    • Volunteer sign-up forms for setup on Sept. 29 after school/games/clean-up on Friday, Nov. 1
    • Food volunteers
    • Finalize Games and who is creating them
    • Prizes
  1. Fall Book Giveaway: (Lizz)
    • Date? Would like this to happen prior to Thanksgiving, correct?
    • What sort of prep work needs to take place beforehand?
  1. Santa bags:
    • ideas
  1. End of Year Art Show: Need to get this planned and finalize an artist.
  2. Zion National Park Field Trips: What’s on the schedule for this year?
    • Plein Air?
    • Any trips up canyon before the shuttles stop running? If not, can we schedule?

Next Meeting: Nov. 14th

Springdale is a great school!