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Agenda for Next Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings and minutes of each meeting are available to the public. 

Proposed Agenda Items for our Next Meeting

Monday, March 4, 2019 3:30

  1. End of year art show update (Charlie)

      • Royden will come on Friday, Feb. 8 for the assembly and stay to star the project with each class.

      • Project Idea

      • Display will be hung at CCC April 29 or 30

    • Artist Reception May 7 CCC reserved from 5-9 (setup can begin at 2)
    • Would like a committee chair to work on getting local restaurants to donate hors d’oeuvres.  Let’s do our best to spread our wings on this one and try not to ask for donations from Deep Creek, Pizza and Noodle and Kings Landing on this one.  
    • We need volunteers each Friday.  I started working on getting commitments, but need to come up with a schedule so it can be set and done.

  • We need to clean up watercolors and create kits for each student.

2.  PTO Volunteers and Board Members for upcoming school years.  (Charlie)

  • Lizz and I thought it would be great to create a board (similar to the science fair) to present to the parents at the next family night.  This would be a way to show parents what the PTO does and why it’s so important to have parents involved and helping out. I will not be available to attend the next Family Night.  Need volunteers to be there to talk to parents. I would also like assistance creating the board.

3.  Develop School Land Trust Plan for next year.  DUE March 28th.

4.  Talent Show (Charlie)

    • April 27?

  • Are we changing this to a morning event?

5.  Date of next Family Night:  March 21st 6:00

  • Dinner
  • Famous Americans Wax Museum
  • Science Fair Parent Helps and Materials

Springdale is a great school!